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Dec 12, 2012 4:00pm PST
. >> monday night, white house sent speaker boehner on offer including $1.2 trillion in new revenue. yesterday, boehner sent a counter proposal back but looked almost exactly like their original plan. $800 in new revenue continues to be the sticking point. tax rates on the top earners. republicans insist the white house gives them specifics on the cuts the president is willing to make. yesterday spokesman brought out a copy of the budget, evidence they've done that already. >> this is not a mystery this, is the document. it contains the spending cuts. >> speaker boehner said the phone call was a pretty frank conversation about just how far apart the two sides are right now. abc news, washington. >> retiring u.s. senator joe lieberman delivered a sentimental farewell speech today. >> will remain one of my deepest honors thanks to vice president gore i was given the opportunity to be the first jewish american nominate bid a major political party for national office. >> lieberman will be leaving office in january after 24 years. the democrat turned independent urged congress to put partisan polit
Dec 10, 2012 4:00pm PST
john boehner to tell him, no cuts to services. >> when the president says i want to balance the budget is he saying i want no cuts to 40% of the budget? >> no. he's saying he won't cut services. >> that is what they are saying. rich johnson went to one in oakland at 68 he's retired. >> i worked for 50 years. people put part of the income into social social ti. they should get the benefit of it. >> you would think with government spending and tax increases, you'd be hearing from the tea party that. is their red meat but there have been no counter rallies. nothing from the tea party. i called members from around the bay area asking if they'd go on camera, talk to me about why groups have been silent during this debate. and none of them are willing to do that. one analyst said they're shell shocked and regrouping. coming up we'll show you this rally just now getting started at civic center plaza. >> the search continues this afternoon for a missing elderly ban from the brentwood area. >> the 88-year-old was03)rÑ last seen riding a bike around 9:00 p.m. he is described as five eight, 160
Dec 11, 2012 4:00pm PST
and outside game. right now, they and their supporters are showing us only outside game. john boehner says the president is not serious about putting -- cutting spending. >> we're waiting for the white house to identify what cuts of president is willingóñ'÷ to make as part of the approach that he promised. pelosi challenging republicans to extend tax cuts for middle class. >> we've been calling upon the speaker to bring forth middle income tax cut now for a long time. in fact, since last summer. >> the white house pushed back pointing to the 250 page budget. >> it's the issue is where are your proposals i think we've answer that had question in full.)zqxÑ >> to which they responded that if the president gets what he wants he's putting the country a trillion in debt. >> it's something we cannot let him to do owe our count zpri our children. >> look closely. the place is empty no. members of congress. the talk intended only for the public. part of the outside game in jj top level staffers having conversations, wrapping ideas. >> the professor says the feeling tonight is that inside game
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3